Bill, Thomas Memorial Library’s Cat (An Update)

On June 30, 2009 I wrote about Bill, Thomas Memorial Library’s cat.  Within the last two days, animal control came to pick up Bill from the library! 

The regular librarians were not there and it seems a substitute librarian, who does not like cats, complained to the library director at the main library branch about Bill.  The library director sent animal control to pick him up! 

 The library patrons are very upset as most of you can imagine.  He was the community’s pet and many people, as I previously reported, fed and cared for Bill. 

I, as an animal lover, thought Bill was a great addition to the library.  He made the library more special.  You didn’t go to just use the computer or check out books.  You went to visit Bill and say “Hello!” to the librarians.  How sad that our libraries have to be such sterile places.

P.S.  Bill is safe!  The animal control person didn’t get him!  Hip, hip, hooray!  He no longer resides at Thomas Memorial Library, but has a safe and happy home.


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