Laredo, Texas to Lose Its Only Bookstore

Booklovers in Laredo, Texas are about to lose their only bookstore.  That would make Laredo the largest U.S. city without a bookstore.  When the Laredo B. Dalton bookstore closes, the nearest bookstore will be 150 miles away in San Antonio.  Many more mid-size cities are going to find themselves on the losing end, but do we really need bookstores with the internet and e-books?

You can read more about the store closing at  There is also an audio version of the story available at the’s Website.

3 thoughts on “Laredo, Texas to Lose Its Only Bookstore”

  1. Yes, yes, we will always need bookstores. People will always need bookstores. I cannot stress this enough. There’s something very calming about the actual physical presence of books that cannot be replicated by digital copies, as convenient as those might be.

  2. This is horrible, I couldn’t imagine not having a bookseller close by! I would imagine another book store would take advantage of this, however. I think the book industry is still pretty high and booming, and this town would do well to experience it.

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