The Patriot Act and Your Bookstore

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved legislation barring the FBI from using the Patriot Act to search bookstore and library records unless they relate to a suspected terrorist or someone known to the suspect.  Now the bill, USA Patriot Act Sunset Extension Act of 2011 (S. 193), moves to the Senate floor where it will be brought to a vote sometime before the end of May, when several provisions of the Patriot Act will expire. The Campaign for Reader Privacy–representing librarians, booksellers, authors and publishers–is urging its supporters to ask their senators to support S. 193.  The Booklover is also asking its readers to contact their senators and ask them to support S. 193!


One thought on “The Patriot Act and Your Bookstore”

  1. Interestingly enough back in 2005 President Obama was against the Patriot Act. To the cheers of thousands of librarians, then U.S. Sen. Barack Obama called for the Senate to rewrite the USA Patriot Act to prevent investigators from scanning library records and bookstore sales slips.

    Libraries should be “sanctuaries of learning where we are free to read and consider what we please without the fear that ‘Big Brother’ may be peering over our shoulder,” Obama said in the keynote address at the American Library Association’s annual conference

    Guess now that he’s reauthorized this bill we can see the “HOPE” he preached never really called for such a “CHANGE”

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