The American Heiress: A Novel

The Booklover’s Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I was dying to read this book!  The cover really appealed to me (see my post “Do You Judge a Book by its Cover?“).  When I finally got my hands on a copy, I was disappointed to find out that the book was primarily a romance novel.  I was NOT disappointed by the book though.

The story begins in Newport, RI, the Gilded Age enclave of opulent mansions for America’s ultra rich.  Cora Cash’s mother is throwing the ball of the season and making secretive plans to find Cora a titled British husband.  Without revealing to much, Cora soon finds herself Duchess of Wareham, married to Ivo, the most eligible bachelor in England.

Cora soon finds that her new husband is withdrawn and secretive and that the English social scene is full of traps and mazes to be negotiated.  Cora quickly learns that money cannot buy everything.

Romances as you can tell from some of the books reviewed on this Website are not my cup of tea, but I truly enjoyed “The American Heiress.”   The descriptions of British royal rituals will appeal to many and this is certainly a fitting read close behind the nuptials of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton.  A great read for summer to make royal wedding withdrawal a little easier to take!

Book Details:  Published by St. Martin’s Press (June 21, 2011), 480 pages, ISBN:  0312658656.