Book Review: Climbing the Seven Summits

The Booklover’s Rating:

Climbing the Seven Summits is amazing.  Written by professional climber Mike Hamill, this book is a comprehensive guide to planning an expedition and what to expect once you are at your destination.  Each of the Seven Summits — the highest peak on each continent — is covered individually.  For each mountain you’ll learn about: documents and immunizations, expedition costs, training, guiding options, climbing styles, best seasons, essential gear, day-by-day itineraries, summit routes, maps showing approaches and camps, regional natural history, cultural notes, and even post-climb activities like going on safari in Africa or wine-touring in South America.

Now I need to make clear that I am not a climber and probably never will be.  Although with this book, I could make my dream of climbing Kilimanjaro a reality.  My point though is this — don’t let that stop you from enjoying this book.  If you want to live vicariously, this is a great way to do it!  Throughout the book you’ll also find helpful and inspiring stories from the likes of Conrad Anker, Vern Tejas, Damien Gildea, Eric Simonson, and other famed climbers. Special insider tips from Hamill, based on his years of experience, as well as full-color photographs of each peak round out this collectible guidebook — and it is collectible.  This is definitely a book you want to own and not check out from your local library.    

There is  a bonus with this amazing guide as well — because there remains some controversy about whether Kosciuszko in Australia or Carstenz Pyramid on the island of New Guinea is the seventh summit this guide to the Seven Summits actually covers eight mountains!  Aconcagua, Denali,  Elbrus, Everest, Kilimanjaro, Kosciuszko, and Vinson are all yours for the reading.

Book Details:  Published by Mountaineers Books (May 4, 2012), 352 pages, ISBN: 1594856486.


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