Do you dream about books?

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Occasionally, I do dream about books.  Since they are such an integral part of my life, I suppose this is only natural.  They are one of the great loves of my life!  Last year a dear friend gave me a book she found in a secondhand shop titled Your Horoscope and Your Dreams.  I hadn’t paid much attention to the book, since I ususally don’t put much store in horoscopes or dream interpretation.  However, in December of this past year something interesting happened.  I had a dream that I was fishing and caught a fish.  According to the dream interpretation book I had been given, this dream “is a forerunner of illness.”  I was very ill for almost two months with acute bronchitis.  Interesting!

Well, what do dreams about books mean you ask?  Here goes:  To dream of books and reading denotes pleasant days and honor and riches if you study them.  For an author to dream of his own manuscript going to press means caution; he will encounter difficulties in placing it before the public.  To see children at their books predicts harmony and good behavior among young people. To dream of old books is a warning to avoid the appearance of evil.

Wait there is more!  To dream of a bookcase is a sign that you will apply yourself diligently both to your work and recreation.  To see an empty bookcase presages loss of position due to lack of educationBook ends in a dream predict the accomplishment of a favorite project.  If you dream of using a bookmark, you will keep an appointment that will be of benefit to you.  A book plate is an augury that you will lose caste through selfishness if you dream of pasting a book plate that will be of benefit to you.

If you dream that you are a bookseller you will have friends that are both intellectual and agreeable.  It is considered lucky to dream of talking with a bookseller.  According to Your Horoscope and Your Dreams, if you visit a bookstore in your dream, you will become a writer, but your literary attempts will interfere with your regular work and pleasure.

Finally, for someone to call you a bookworm in a dream is a presage of quite happy hours.  Loss of money is predicted if you use the name for somebody else.

I hope you find this information as interesting as I do!  I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the dream interpretations, other than to offer my anecdote about the fishing dream.   Well, I think it is time for a nap….

Book Details:  Published by Franconia Publishing Co., Inc. (1971), 768 pages, ASIN:  B000OGOUTM.

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