Book Review: NOS4A2


Rascal reads NOS4A2!
Rascal reads NOS4A2!

The Booklover’s Rating:

NOS4A2 is quite good. You can tell that Joe Hill has learned his craft at the hands of a master! Hill’s novel centers around three people who have special abilities and each uses these abilites for either good or evil. Victoria finds missing things, animals, or people. Maggie uses her gift to warn others and Mr. Manx uses his abilites to hurt children.

Victoria McQueen, the main character in Nos4A2 learns early in life that she can ride her bicycle through a covered bridge and find lost things or lost pets. It is through one of these finding missions that she meets Maggie, a punk-styled librarian, that warns her about Mr. Manx, a “very bad man with a very bad car.” Maggie also warns Vic that their respective gifts take a toll on them and they need to make sure that the gifts they possess are used judiciously.

Charlie Manx, the book’s 140-year-old villain, tries to lure children to a place with a particularly fun feature called the Sleigh House and where it is always Christmas. Manx’s sidekick is a really nasty character who wears a gas mask and speaks in sophmoric rhymes.  Ironically, the character is named “Bing.”

NOS4A2 is a hefty read at about 700 pages, but don’t let that stop you. It is a page turner. The story goes quickly and there is plenty of unrelenting action for those that enjoy the fantasy-horror genre. My favorite Stephen King book in recent years was Duma Key, and I couldn’t help but notice the similarites in the writing style. While I don’t read fantasy-horror often, this book WILL appeal to a wide audience, including those who venture to strange worlds rarely.

Book Details: Published by William Morrow (April 30, 2013), 704 pages, ISBN: 0062200577.

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