Book Review: The Bone Season

Bone SeaosnThe Booklover’s Rating:  ♥ ♥ ♥

The Bone Season by Samanatha Shannon got a lot of hype and in my humble opinion it was undeserved.  The book was good, but just good.  Not amazing, not wonderful, not unforgettable, etc.  In others words – it was okay.  The book is worth reading, but should not be at the top of your “To-read” list.

The protagonist of The Bone Season is Paige Mahoney, a top-level and rare-type of clairvoyant.  She is part of a gang of clairvoyants controlled by mime-lord Jaxon Hall, in a time (2059) when being a clairvoyant is frowned upon (to say the least).  Returning home one day, Paige is threatened with exposure or worse and kills a security agent with her powers.  She is captured and taken to the penal colony of Sheol.

Sheol is controlled by a race called the Rephaim and Paige becomes the pawn in a political battle within Sheol and the larger world to some extent.  Let’s also not forget about the Emim, the mortal enemy of the Rephaim.  Samantha Shannon’s Emim carry a sound of their own – buzzing.

If you are a regular reader of dystopian fiction, definitely read The Bone Season.   If you are not a regular reader of dystopian fiction, my pick for you would be Justin Cronin’s book The Passage.  I much prefer Cronin’s work over Shannon’s, but do applaud the author of The Bone Season for a good book and I may take in the sequel if and when it happens.  It depends on what else is on my “To-read” list at the time.

Book Details:  Published by Bloomsbury USA  (August 20, 2013), 480 pages, ISBN: 978-1620401392.

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