Women and Thrillers

This morning I stumbled across an article in The Telegraph, entitled “Are women hardwired to love thrillers?”  Interesting.  The article particularly caught my attention because thrillers used to be the mainstay of my reading list, and probably still is to some extent.  Lately though, thrillers just aren’t thrilling.  For example, this past fall I tried to read Tim Johnston’s Descent, but found that it just didn’t hold my attention.  Descent was a book that should have been a terrific read from all accounts out there on the Internet.  Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes also received good reviews, but in both the case of Descent and Broken Monsters there were large sections of the book that I just skipped.  The movie Gone Girl was good, but when all was said and done, I was glad that I didn’t read the book and saw the movie instead.  Thrillers should be thrilling!  When you read a thriller, it should be just that and every page of the book should keep you glued for what comes next.

The closest I have come to a thriller that held my attention lately and kept me reading was One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis.  Seskis’ book has a twist to it that is VERY surprising.  This may be the problem with most thrillers lately.  They have gotten a little formulaic and many readers can figure out the ending before the writer gets there.  The twist to the end has been done before and I’ve already read it or the action sequences just drag on too long.

While I agree with Rebecca Whitney, the author of The Telegraph‘s article and the author of The Liar’s Chair, that thrillers and crime novels are especially interesting to women,  I need something new and even scary.  A book that won’t have me skipping large sections to get to the end.

Any suggestions?

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