Source: Musing

A few years ago I wrote about Beauregard, the library cat at the H. B. Stamps Public Library in Hawkins County, Tennessee.  Well, it seems that Parnassus Books of Nashville, Tennessee has done H. B. Stamps Public Library one better.  Parnassus Books has a shop sheep!

Last summer I had the pleasure of visiting Parnassus Books and found the staff to be helpful and kind.  The book selection was wonderful and I really liked the way book picks were displayed at the front.  Parnassus also has an amazing First Editions Club, if you are interested.

To see more pictures of Buttercup, the shop sheep at Parnassus Books, check out Musing, their literary blog.

Reasons To Be Proud of Being a Book Hoarder

Claire Fallon of The Huffington Post has come up with 16 reasons to be proud of being a book hoarder. As you can probably guess, I prefer the term “Book Lover,” but hoarder probably applies just as well. My favorite is “Your home will always be filled with the perfume of old books.” Check out the rest of the list here.

Spring Break Spots for Booklovers

row-of-homesIf you’re currently in the process of planning a trip for spring, then you should definitely check out Bustle‘s list of “10 of the Best Spring Break Vacation Spots for Book Nerds.”  Some of the top spots include New York, London, Edinburgh, and Key West.