Collecting Modern First Editions

Recently the “hobby” of collecting modern first editions caught my attention.  I don’t collect them, and any first editions I own are purely by chance.  When I did a search on this topic and started reading about collecting first editions, I immediately ran to my small hard back book collection and checked them out.  I … Continue reading “Collecting Modern First Editions”


A few years ago I wrote about Beauregard, the library cat at the H. B. Stamps Public Library in Hawkins County, Tennessee.  Well, it seems that Parnassus Books of Nashville, Tennessee has done H. B. Stamps Public Library one better.  Parnassus Books has a shop sheep! Last summer I had the pleasure of visiting Parnassus … Continue reading “Buttercup”

How to Spot A Fake

Treasure Detectives is a terrific show that is broadcast on CNBC and today their Website posted a great video and article on how to spot a fake rare book.  You definitely need to check it out if you are a bibliophile. You may also want to read my previous posts on rare books: My March 4, … Continue reading “How to Spot A Fake”