Welcome to my blog! My name is Kim — business educator by day and book blogger during my off time.  A booklover 24 hours a day! Here you will find book reviews of the books I read, author profiles, book giveaways, and book news.

I am a graduate of East Tennessee State University (BBA), Kennesaw State University (MBA), and The University of West Georgia (M.Ed. and Ed.S.).

I love to read and hear about what you are reading too. I hope you’ll check out past posts, add some books to your “To Be Read” list, and leave a comment here and there with your thoughts.

You can also read more about me at Scribbling Owlet.

Comments, questions, and compliments can be made through this email address: thebooklover [at] hushmail [dot] com.

Book Review Policy:

Thank you for your interest in having a book considered for review by The Booklover.  I only respond to e-mails for books I want to accept and I do not review every book I accept. Each book is accepted for review consideration.

I try to only accept books that fit with my reading tastes because I don’t think it’s fair to an author or myself to agree to review a book that isn’t a genre I like.  Genres I usually like are thrillers, mysteries, literary nonfiction (on almost any topic), some memoirs, “straight” nonfiction (economics, business, cultural studies, politics, and language) and travel narratives. Genres I don’t like include chick lit, romance, self-help, or erotica. I will occasionally accept self-published books for review in genres I like.

I accept ARCs for review, but I am also happy to wait for finished copies of a book. I do not accept egalleys.  I also enjoy audiobooks, although I only listen to a small number. I’m also definitely not stuck on new books, so would be happy to consider backlist titles if they’re available.

I do write honest reviews, and have a tendency not to publish reviews for books I don’t like.  Sorry readers!  That may change going forward, but time is limited and I really want to share books I like.