Author Guest Post: Welcome to Sandra Brannan!

The Continuing Saga Between Liv and Streeter…

The most common question I get from all you fans who have read the Liv Bergen Mystery Series since it debuted in 2010 is whether or not Liv and Streeter are an item.  Of course.  They were from book one.  The relationship between them was strong before they ever met in book two.  The frustration may be how fast I progress their relationship and what the ultimate connection will be between the two.

Let me share a secret with you…  I honestly don’t know how fast their relationship will go and how it will end up.  First, yes, it is true I wrote ten novels before I ever published the first and yes, I know where the relationship ended up between Streeter Pierce and my original character, Luann Calmer.  But since the protagonist’s name was one of the only requests my publishing house made to the series, I had to start over.  New name.  New character development.  All of you writers out there understand how a character’s name change is not just a “Replace All” function.  I loved Luann Calmer and had to say goodbye to her.  Then along comes Liv Bergen.  Luann had three siblings.  Liv Bergen has eight.   Liv is a full of piss and vinegar (my editor calls her pithy… see how come I need her?) and she is not so easy for me to figure out.  She has this ‘thing’ for Special Agent Streeter Pierce and weird fascination with Special Agent Jack Linwood, the adult version of Disney’s Mowgli (my editor would describe as exotic and mysterious…. Again, see why I need her?).

So let’s see how our pithy protagonist, Liv Bergen, figures all this out.   As this develops, you’ll have to let me know if you’re Team Streeter or Team Linwood.  In Widow’s Might, I will promise you there is a kiss…. shhhh!

About the author:  After living in Wyoming, Washington, D.C., Washington state, and Colorado, Sandra Brannan returned to her hometown in South Dakota, where she is surrounded by family. She enjoys working with relatives in the mining business; living in the Black Hills with her husband, Joel; smiling with pride over the journeys taken by her four sons; doting over her three grandchildren; and appreciating all of life’s blessings, too many to count. With “In the Belly of Jonah” and “Lot’s Return to Sodom” out wherever books are sold or downloaded, Sandra’s forthcoming titles in her Liv Bergen mystery thriller series are “Widow’s Might” and “Noah’s Rainy Day.”