How to Spot A Fake

Treasure Detectives is a terrific show that is broadcast on CNBC and today their Website posted a great video and article on how to spot a fake rare book.  You definitely need to check it out if you are a bibliophile.

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Collecting books can be VERY rewarding, but is certainly not without hazards!  I stick to modern first editions which are easy to check and I always make sure to buy books I want to read.

Today in “The Wall Street Journal”

There are two terrific articles for bibliophiles online today in The Wall Street Journal.  The first article entitled “Economy, Technology Put Bookmakers in a Bind” includes photos on the craft of binding a book.

The second article is about Bauman Rare Books and is entitled “The Rarest of Pleasures.” Included are photographs of the interior of the shop and many of the wonderful rare volumes included there.

Don’t miss these two treats today!