Reading More in 2017

Although I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, I have resolved to read more in 2017.  Last year was a bust for me.  Only twelve books made it on my “Read” list.  This is probably a personal low for me, so you can understand why this year I might resolve to read more.  So far it is working out well.  Three books have made it to my “Read” list — at this rate I am well ahead of 2016.

Bustle posted an article yesterday entitled “5 Ways To Read More Intentionally in 2017.”  One of the more interesting ways was to keep track of the year’s book releases with a weekly calendar.  The Booklover will explore this option and try to help its readers keep track of book releases in 2017.  Watch for a new feature on this Website!

One of my favorite ways to read more is to always carry a book with me.  This is easy if you read on a smartphone, but if like me you prefer a paper book, it is one more thing to carry.  It is so worth it though!  With this habit of many years, I find that my list of book “To-read” gets whittled down (only temporarily until something new is added!) and my “Read” list gets longer.

Happy reading in 2017!

Spring Break Spots for Booklovers

row-of-homesIf you’re currently in the process of planning a trip for spring, then you should definitely check out Bustle‘s list of “10 of the Best Spring Break Vacation Spots for Book Nerds.”  Some of the top spots include New York, London, Edinburgh, and Key West.

Advice on Shopping for Books

Crystal Paul has written a great post on Bustle entitled “13 thoughts everyone has when trying to narrow down her pile at a bookstore.”  The memes with this post are a must see for booklovers and if  you are like me and still prefer a paperbook to an ebook, then this post is a must read.