Book Review: The Paris Vendetta

The Booklover’s Rating:  ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥

The Paris Vendetta is Steve Berry’s fifth book to feature Cotton Malone.  As the book begins Henrik Thorvaldsen is consumed with finding his son’s killers and getting revenge for his death.  Thorvaldsen learns that a wealthy British aristocrat, Lord Ashby, was behind the killing and that Lord Ashby is also part of a conspiracy that involves an elite group of ruthless financial experts planning to destabilize the global economy.  That is not enough!  Add to the story a terrorist plot to destroy a European landmark and a legendary cache hidden by Napoleon.

Cotton Malone soon finds himself in a desperate struggle to save not only Thorvaldsen’s life but the lives of unspecting French citizens as well.   The best part of the book is the locale.  I have never been to Paris, but enjoyed reading the book simply for the descriptions of the Paris locations.  This book has all the characters Steve Berry’s readers have gotten used to and reading The Paris Vendetta was like seeing what old friends are up to, only their adventures are much more exciting than the things my “real” friends are up too.

The plot is predictable, with one really unexpected twist (no spoilers here!).  It is a quick read and very enjoyable.  I look forward to reading Mr. Berry’s next book.

Book Details: Published by Ballantine Books (December 1, 2009), 432 pages, ISBN-10: 0345505476, ISBN-13: 978-0345505477.