Ancient and Beautiful Libraries

Tech Insider shared an article today with photographs of the inside of ten of the world’s most beautiful old libraries.  The majority of the libraries were in England and France making it somewhat easier to visit them all.  Take a look at the libraries here.


New Year’s Resolutions

If you are in the process of writing down your New Year’s resolutions today and they include travel, you might want to include visiting some of the world’s greatest libraries.

An Expression of Thanks

Robert Krulwich of posted the most wonderful article about the phantom sculptor of Scotland.  The article includes a link to additional information.  Please don’t miss this story about a wonderful expression of thanks for the continuing existence of libraries, museums and books in Scotland.

Library Ireland Week

The week of March 7th, 2011 is Library Ireland Week.  The celebration is an initiative of the Library Association of Ireland.   Library Ireland Week 2011 is a week when libraries show how smart they really are and that Smart People Use Smart Libraries.  Check out the video promoting Ireland’s libraries!

Beauregard the Library Cat

BearegardBeauregard the Library Cat is the newest member of the H. B. Stamps Library Staff.  The H. B. Stamps Library is located in Hawkins County, TN.

The Hawkins County Library Website reports that Beauregard has been very helpful in making sure the chairs are being used.  He likes to be around people and does not mind occasional petting.  The librarians only ask that you not pick him up (mostly for his safety).

Let’s hope that other libraries follow this example and adopt a homeless cat!

Libraries Without Books

I recently read an article on that discussed the future of libraries.  John Sutter, the author of the article noted that books are being pushed aside for digital learning centers and gaming areas and that “Loud Rooms” that promote public interaction and team projects are taking over.  In other words the libary is undergoing a complete transformation.

I have noticed that at my public library (Cobb County Public Library), patrons have forgotten how to be quiet and respectful of others.  Even the librarians talk in normal voices and no longer whisper.   I miss the peace and quiet of the library!

There was a time when libraries were libraries and community centers were community centers — each a separate place with different purposes!

Sutter closes his article with a graduate student in library science saying that if libraries are going to evolve, then he will too.  I, however, don’t want to evolve.  What about you?  Please leave a comment and let everyone know what you think…..

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