Book Review: The Bookman’s Tale

The Bookman's TaleThe Booklover’s Rating:

The Bookman’s Tale is thus far the best book I’ve read in 2013.  It is a perfect book for a bibliophile since the mystery centers around Shakespeare, rare books, book binding, etc.  I’ve often said that the best books are about books and this is definitely the case here.

The Bookman’s Tale begins in 1995 where we find Peter Byerly, rare book dealer, living in a small English village.  Stopping in a bookshop in the village he happens upon a portrait of his wife, Amanda, who nine months earlier had died suddenly.  There the mystery begins, since the portrait was found in a study of eighteenth century Shakespeare forgeries.  Following the trail of the portrait and of an important rare book which must be authenticated, Peter solves one of history’s greatest questions —  Who authored Shakespeare’s plays?

My only complaint about this novel (and it is a small one) is that everything is just a little too convenient for Peter as he tracks down the mysteries in this book.  All in all though the book is well plotted and a fun read for those who love books and mysteries.  You will not be disappointed!

Book Details:  Published by Viking Adult (June 3, 2013), 368 pages, ISBN: 0670026470.

How to Spot A Fake

Treasure Detectives is a terrific show that is broadcast on CNBC and today their Website posted a great video and article on how to spot a fake rare book.  You definitely need to check it out if you are a bibliophile.

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Collecting books can be VERY rewarding, but is certainly not without hazards!  I stick to modern first editions which are easy to check and I always make sure to buy books I want to read.