How to Spot A Fake

Treasure Detectives is a terrific show that is broadcast on CNBC and today their Website posted a great video and article on how to spot a fake rare book.  You definitely need to check it out if you are a bibliophile.

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Collecting books can be VERY rewarding, but is certainly not without hazards!  I stick to modern first editions which are easy to check and I always make sure to buy books I want to read.

Visiting Philadelphia? You need to see this.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article about the Rosenbach Museum & Library.  According the online article, the Rosenbach Museum & Library stands in the middle of a block of four-story 19th-century row houses shaded by towering sycamore, locust and maple trees and is the 1954 legacy of two bachelor brothers whose collections, especially the books, are nothing short of amazing.  To read the article click here.

I have only been to Philadelphia once and was just passing through, but if I go again, the Rosenbach Museum & Library will top my agenda!

WSJ: People Read Because They Hate Their Jobs

Joe Queenan, author of the new book One for the Books, discusses reading, books, loving books, and e-readers with The Wall Street Journal’s Gary Rosen.  As a fellow booklover, you just have to watch this interview!  Queenan’s insight on paper books is terrific and the way in which he uses his books is something I intend to adopt.  Although I would find it difficult to make myself write in a first edition.  Enjoy the video!